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Obviously everybody wants to get the very best deal when it comes to purchasing their next vehicle, which is why 0% car finance offers sound so appealing.  After all, what's not to like about driving your new car away from the dealership forecourt knowing that you're only going to pay the agreed sale price, spread over easy instalments? The problem is, this type of scenario is hardly an accurate  portrayal of real life financing! There are 0% APR car finance deals out there, but take a closer look at the small print (the terms and conditions) and you'll see that all is not as rosy (and interest free) as it first appears!

0 percent finance

Before rushing off to take advantage of one of these “great 0% finance on a new car” deals you've seen advertised elsewhere, take a look at what you might be signing up to:

  • A 50% deposit or more. Some purchase deals allow buyers to pay “half now, half in instalments”; great if you've got the necessary £££ to pay five, ten or even fifteen thousand pounds “up front”, but what happens when you haven't?
  • Inflated prices. Although you might be able to access 0% finance on a vehicle, the purchase price might be significantly higher than you would expect to pay if you financed your vehicle purchase through other means.
  • Very few instalments. Sometimes you can find a deal where you can pay in interest free instalments, but it only lasts six months or less; a good option if you can pay several thousand pounds out of your pay packet each month, but otherwise unaffordable to many.
  • 0% car finance deals are almost always open only to motorists who want to purchase a new car.  If you would prefer a used car, or are budgeting sensibly and don't want to spend more than you can afford on a brand new vehicle, it's unlikely that you'll come across a catch-free 0% deal.

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We are a car finance brokerage service, which means that we work with many different lenders. Each lender will use the information you give us to work out the level of financial risk they feel you represent.  Factors such as a poor credit score, frequent changes of address, a low income or outstanding arrears can all mean that on paper you present a higher risk, leading to your finance being offered at a greater rate of interest. What we do is to collect as many quotes as possible from different lenders, then find the one that's best for your individual circumstances.

Our car finance company probably won't be able to find you a 0% finance car deal, because they are rarely completely catch-free. Instead, we are committed to finding you the very best price that we can on your financing, enabling you to purchase the car you want in an affordable way.

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